BLOOM user experience

An overview of the BLOOM experience for the user.


When launching the BLOOM App for the first time, users sign-up for a BLOOM account using their mobile phone number.

System selection

Depending on whether you're launching a Public or Private system, users will need to select your system to access your program.

pagePublic or private systems

Private Systems

After confirming their account, users should be directed to select the Private System option from the system selection menu to join a new Private System.

In order to join a private system, users will need your private system code. Users will scan or enter the private system code provided to them. The private system code is available in your System Settings.

After a private system is registered for the user, the System will become a selection from the System Selection screen.

Public systems

After confirming their account, public systems within close proximity will be automatically visible on the System Selection screen.

Terms & conditions

After selecting a system, users will be directed to review and accept the terms and conditions for the system.


Depending on how your system is configured, system access may require additional administrator approval.

pageApproving users


Once approved, user's be able to access the system directly. The private system will now be added to your system selection options. And the BLOOM App will be branded for your system.

Find & ride

User's can use the map to locate the nearest mobility asset on the map. Depending on the user's proximity to the asset, they'll have the option to directly scan or reserve.

Scan to unlock

The fastest way for users to start their ride is to just scan the QR code on the mobility asset.

During the ride

Trip time, speed, location, and other data is displayed during the user's ride -- including approved, geo-fenced parking zones and location based ads.

pageGeofencingpageLocation based ads

Ending the ride

Depending on the locking technology, the user can just close the lock to end the ride. Otherwise, the user can press the stop button to pause or end the ride.


With the combination of geo-fences and tethering, dockless bikes can be fixed to specific locations.

You’re Blooming

As your system grows, your program and strategy can change as well -- public/private, free/fee-based, docking/dockless. BLOOM makes mobility flourish.

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