Rental management

The complete list of rental activity on the system is listed here. By clicking the Action icon for a rental, the Rental Detail can be reviewed. The rental amount will be available only for Paid systems.

Rental Details

Click on the Action icon next to rental to view the Rental Details including duration, charge and location. The Rental Details also includes the Location History of the mobility asset as detected. If a rental is in the Open state, you can end the rental automatically using the End Rental tool.

Force ending a rental

You may be required to force the end of rental if it has been left open by the user. To force the end of a rental, in the Rental Details page of an open rental, find the End Rental tool.

On the map, please select a location to place the end of the rental or choose a station for station based systems. The rental start location (Hand Icon) and last known location (Stop Icon) is already plotted on the map for reference if available.

You can enter an optional comment for ending the rental.

For paid systems, the estimated current charge for the rental will be displayed based on the associated plan. If you’d like to use a different value, enter an updated charge value in the “Update Charge” field. To confirm use of this updated value, select “Use this charge amount.” For reference, you can review the “Rental User Report” for user history and behavior.

Click “End Rental” to finalize.

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