System management

You can manage the general function of your system in the System Settings tab.


You can customize your system by uploading a logo. The recommended resolution is at least 150 x 150 pixels. The image file size should be less than 1MB. The recommended file type is PNG or JPG. On the user app, the system logo will be displayed in the System Selection screen as well as on the menu of the app after the system is selected.


The identifying name of your system.


Tell your users about your system. This message will be shown to users before they sign up.


Make your system Public or Private. If nearby, users will be able to see an available Public system. Private systems will be hidden unless a user has a Private Code.

Private Code

Distribute this code to users you’d like to sign up for your Private system. The code is offered in both a text based format and QR.

System State

Use the system state to schedule the on/off times for your system or to restrict access when needed. To completely turn the system off, change the system state to off. Users will not be able to rent from the system when the System State is off. Alternatively, you can create a time based schedule for the system to restrict the operating hours.

Using the System State function is great way to restrict access for maintenance or other special circumstances.



If you’d like to create defined parking stations for your system, create a Station Based system. Geo-fenced parking zones are a premium feature. If you’d like to setup geo-fenced parking zones, make sure you setup your system as a station based system.

Service area

If you'd like to enable Service area controls within the system, click to Enable Service are.

Additional geofences, such as controls zones can be added directly from the Geofence menu.


System Type

A Full System keeps tracks of the rental until ended. An instant system will end the rental immediately after initiated. Most systems will be set to Full Systems.


If you’d like to charge for rentals, you’ll be setting up a Paid system. Paid systems are a Premium feature.

Pause Enabled

If you’d like users to be able to take a break and hold their ride, allow users to pause their rides.

Reservation Time (Minutes)

Set the default time asset reservations are held. The default time is 15 minutes.

Scan station QR code for ending rental

Select this option if you’d like users to verify they are at a physical station by scanning the QR code at the station when the rental is completed.

Upload end rental image

If you’d like to require users to submit an image of their asset at the end of a rental, select this option.


Terms and Conditions

If you’d like users to review and agree to a custom waiver or policy, select this option. After selecting the option, you can specify a complete policy that users are required to agree to before requesting approval to the system.

Send user approval confirmation email

Select this option if you’d like to send users a customized confirmation email once they are approved to use the system.

User auto approval (No admin approval)

If you’d like users to be automatically approved to use your system without system administrator approval, select this option.

User approval via email required

If you’d like users to be automatically approved to use your system without administrator approval, select this option. When selected, you’ll specify whitelisted domain names. Users with the configured email domains will receive an approval email from the system. When the email is confirmed, the users can access the system without administrator approval.

License required

If you'd like to require users to upload an image of their identification before being able to activate a rental, select this option. Uploaded license can be automatically verified, or manually verified.

Service and support

Contact email

You are required to specify a contact email for users to be able to get in touch for help.

Contact phone number

You are required to specify a contact phone number for users to call to get help.

Additional information

This text is shared with users on the help screen in the user app and can offer additional details on how to get service and support.

Connectivity lost call

Select this option if you’d like users to get a voice call notification call when they lose the connection to their locking device. When selected, you can customize the script of the call here.

System localization

Unit type

Choose between Imperial and Metric units for the System and display within the User App.

Currency symbol

Select a default currency symbol to be displayed within the app.

Sales tax

For paid systems, specify a tax amount you’d like to charge for all rentals. This will be automatically added to all charges.

Time zone

Select the time zone for the System.


Add social links to your system to redirect users directly to your social pages from within your system.

Bank account and Identity verification

For paid systems, the banking information can be specified here. In addition to the linked account, identity verification information must be submitted as well. If the account is owned by an organization, the information of the primary signer of the account must be entered.

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