Fleet management

The system administrator must add mobility assets to the system to make them available to users.

Add Asset

To automatically add a mobility asset or electronic locking mechanism to the system, use the BLOOM Admin App. The Admin App is only available for Android devices and can downloaded here.

To manually add a mobility asset or locking mechanism to the system, use the Add Asset tool. When adding an asset, you’ll need to specify the asset number. This will be the identifying number of the asset which will be displayed to the user in the user app.

You can make note of the asset model or other detail in the Model field. This field will not be displayed to the user.

Use the Description field to include any relevant information regarding the specific asset or rental instructions to be displayed to the user after they initiate a rental. This will be displayed as a yellow “Sticky Note” that user can reference for additional information related to the rental.

How to use Sticky Notes

Sticky Notes can be used to communicate information specific to the rented asset. An example use would be including an unlock code for a helmet lock or cable lock included on the bike. Sticky Notes allow you to communicate with the user after the rental has initiated.

MAC address: This is the 12 digit MAC ID associated with the electronic locking mechanism attached to the bike.

IMEI: For cellular connected devices, you'll need to specify the device IMEI.

Locking device and location

The asset location can be directly update by dropping the pin on the map. Additionally, for station based systems, you can specify the station that the asset should be initially associated with.

The asset type is the device or type of mechanism attached to the asset. The asset type can be chosen from the drop-down.

Please note, electronic locking mechanisms and IoT devices are only available for Premium and Enterprise systems. For testing the BLOOM Platform, create a few mechanical locking assets in your vicinity.

QR Code

Users are able to initiate a rental by scanning the QR code associated with a mobility asset. The QR code for each mobility asset is automatically generated by BLOOM. QR codes associated with the mobility asset will be accessible here.

QR codes can be downloaded, printed and affixed to the mobility asset as needed.

Recent location updates

To assist in the management of electronic locking devices and GPS based assets, the system will list the last known locations of the asset. The location will be displayed with latitude and longitude. The locations can also be viewed in the map mode.

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