Station management

If your system is setup as a station based system, you’ll be able to create and maintain the stations from the Station menu. A station based system will restrict the return location of a rental to a specified geo-fenced location. Station based systems are a Premium feature.

Creating a new station

When creating a new station, you can specify the Station Name and the number of mobility assets the station is designed for.

Use can use the map tool to draw the geo-fence for the station. To create the geo-fence, use the hand tool, selected on bottom of the map to specify the station location. Using the hand icon, click on the map to place the location marker.

Switch to the drawing tool next to the hand icon can o draw the geo-fence. Clicking anywhere on the map will start to draw the geofence.

If you need to start over, right clicking on the geo-fence will remove it from the map.

The verification of user location to determine if they are within a geo-fence is based on the GPS accuracy of the user’s device. Therefore, it’s best to give your stations a big enough area to account for differences. Depending on the user’s device and the station location, the accuracy may vary considerably.

Station details

After creating a station, you can return to the station to edit the details through the List Stations menu. If users are required to scan a station QR code before successfully ending their rental, you can access the station QR code here. The station QR code can be downloaded and printed for display at the physical station location.

By optionally requiring users to scan the station QR code, you are adding an additional layer of security that users are at the physical station location when ending their rental.

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