Your most powerful ride controls are your geofences. BLOOM offers a wide variety of geofencing options to manage the system structure and usage.

Geo-fencing is a Premium feature.

Service Areas

Multiple service areas can be defined within your system. A service area is an area where you allow your users to operate. This geofence is directly reflected within in the User App. Depending on the features of the mobility assets added to your system, you can restrict functionalities or create parking penalties outside of a service area.


Station based and stationless systems

You can setup your system as a station based or stationless system. A station based system will restrict the return location of a rental to a specified geo-fenced location. As a stationless system, there is no restriction on the user for the return location unless Service Area restrictions are in place.

Station geofencing

BLOOM stations are created by dropping a pin at the station location and drawing a geofenced area around the valid return zone.

The Stations menu on the dashboard will only be visible if you have enabled stations in the System Settings.

No Parking

For additional control to restrict where users can end their ride, you can create No Parking geofences. No parking geofences are displayed directly in the user app. When inside a no parking area, users are unable to end their rental.

Depending on the available features of the mobility asset, control zone geofences can be used to restrict the speed or other features of the mobility asset. Control zones are directly displayed in the User App.

Control Zones

Depending on the features of the mobility asset, Control zones, allow you to manage the speed and function of the asset within a geofenced area. For instance, if you'd like to create a low-speed area, you can geofence that area and apply a speed limit to the assets operating within that area or rides that originate from within that zone.

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